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Week 2


Location : Kamerlingh Onnes A1.44

Readings : - Bratich (2017) - Thomas-H├ębert (2019) - Mejias and Couldry (2019)

Whether we like it or not, we live in data-saturated environments. The lecture will present concepts for thinking about this situation, introduce cases that illustrate risks that result for individuals and groups, and discuss some implications for the conduct of ethnographic research.


Homework : - Read Powell (2018) and think about how you can put her ideas into practice. - Find a news article about a recent data breach, or visit the GDPR Enforcement Tracker and read about the details of at least one violation that was sanctioned by authorities in the Netherlands, your home country (if GDPR applies there), or another country of your choice. Come prepared to discuss the details of the case you read about.

During tutorials, you will discuss and plan the first assignment.