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Assignment 3: Essay Questions

Due date : June 7, 15:00

Self-assessment due date : June 9 (end of day)

This assignment consists of essay questions that will be posted to Brightspace in the final week of May. In your answers to these questions, you will have the chance to demonstrate what you have learned about ethical issues contemporary ethnographers face and ways they can respond practically. Successful answers will make connections between the course content (lectures, readings, and discussions in tutorials) and Dealing in Desire.

This assignment is self-assessed. This means that, after submitting your answers, you will grade your own effort. Here's how that works:

  1. We will prepare a "model answer" for each essay question. Read these model answers and the assessment criteria that they are intended to demonstrate. The "model answers" are not the definitive answers, and it is possible that a good answer will differ significantly in its content provided it successfully demonstrates understanding and analytical thinking.
  2. You will write a brief reflection on your own answers. Think of your reflection as a letter addressed to the instructors in which you explain what you think was successful about your answer, and what, with the benefit of hindsight, you think could have been improved. What did you find challenging about writing your answer? What did you learn as a result of preparing your answer and reviewing it?
  3. Finally, you will tell us what grade you would give yourself for the assignment as a whole. (Ideally, we would give everyone the grade they give themselves, but we reserve the right to raise or lower grades as appropriate.)

You will find the self-assessment on Brightspace after you submit this assignment and the deadline has passed.