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Week 3


Readings : - Markham (2012) - De Seta (2020)

We have discussed challenges we face as we want to conduct ethnographic research in an ethical manner in today's world. But what can we do as researchers to put ethical principles into practice? How can we avoid causing harm and protect those in the field, ourselves included? We will draw on a range of practices and literatures to think through ways of "hacking" ethnography.


Homework : - Come up with a fictional ethnographic research project and complete the EFF risk assessment for that hypothetical scenario. Think about what skills or tools you would need to mitigate the risks you identified. - Browse some of the following resources and write down a few ideas for what you would like to work on for your second assignment: - - - -

During tutorials, you will discuss and plan the second assignment. This will require forming groups with two or three other students in your tutorial group and coming up with a contribution to the Hacking Ethnography collection.