Location : Kamerlingh Onnes A1.44

Readings : - Cohen (2005)

In this lecture, we will be joined by Zinzy Waleson Geene for a conversation about navigating ethical and other considerations as a researcher in industry.

About our guest speaker:

Zinzy Waleson Geene is a researcher and designer specialized in building products for people at work. She taught herself to build websites when she was a child, and has 16 years of professional experience in research, design, and development. She likes to think about what "research" means in a business context, and how academia can help make it better.


During tutorials, you will have a chance to show off what you made for assignment 2. You will also discuss ethical issues you might encounter as industry researchers.

Homework : - If possible, bring a hardcopy of your group assignment. - Learn about the Crisis Text Line scandal by reading McNeil (2022) and at least one additional source of your own choice. Take some notes to prepare for a discussion in tutorials.