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# Week 4

## Lecture

: Kamerlingh Onnes A1.44

: - Spitzberg et al. (2020)
- Spitzberg and Schneider (2022)

In this lecture, we will be joined by **Danny Spitzberg**.

About our guest speaker:

> [Danny Spitzberg]( leads user research for a cooperative economy. He currently works with [Turning Basin Labs](, a staffing and training cooperative, and is based in Oakland, California. Over the last few years he has created an original model for user- and worker-led co-design, a more efficient and lasting approach than mainstream inclusive design. Danny's background and training is in economic sociology and experimental research, and he has done applied research for over a decade.
> His work focuses on financial security, shared ownership, workforce development, and predistributive strategies of building wealth and power. Examples of participant-led research and design collaborations include conducting human factors field work in rural India around biomass energy; developing case studies and frameworks for credit unions and other member-led organizations worldwide to build shared leadership; and facilitating co-design for California ridehail drivers to effectively file over 5,000 wage claims through a custom-build spreadsheet tool and web app, which led to a $1.3 billion (!) suit filed by the state. With [Tech Workers Coalition](, Danny also co-edits a newsletter and curates an oral history project about international labor in and around the digital tech and software industry. Danny believes in stories that brings people together for collective action.
> For more information, consider viewing Danny's talk [How Not to be an Advocate]( (UXRConf 2021).

**No tutorials this week.**

: - Learn about the Crisis Text Line scandal by reading McNeil (2022) and at least one additional source of your own choice.
- Take some notes to prepare for the discussion in next week's tutorials.