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Week 5


Readings : - Wouters (2017) - Leiden Manifesto (2015)

For this session we are honored to welcome Professor Paul Wouters, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, who will speak from his vantage point about the ethics and politics of scientific knowledge production. Dean Wouters was a driving force behind the Leiden Manifesto on Research Metrics and, as a scholar of science and technology, he has studied important trends such as open science and mixed-methods research. He will also talk to us about issues that are unique to the Dutch social sciences and our own Faculty.


Homework : - Watch the teaser video for Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra's The Quantified Scholar. - Review your notes from last week's lecture and come prepared to discuss what you learned.

Tutorials will be an occasion to discuss specific cases and think through ethical implications of doing research both inside and outside of academic settings.