clorica is an IRC-based assistant standing by to help you organize your task list.


Run raco pkg install irc-client sql to install the latter.

Example session

Upon connecting, clorica will /query you on the IRC network of your choice. You can then issue commands simply by replying.

<clorica> Tue Mar 31 12:01:20+0200 2020: At your service, jboy!
<jboy>    help
<clorica> Available commands:
<clorica>   add      Add a task item.
<clorica>   addto    Append tags or contexts for an item by id.
<clorica>   all      List all items.
<clorica>   ann      Add a note for an item.
<clorica>   ctx      Show all contexts.
<clorica>   done     List completed items.
<clorica>   help     Display this.
<clorica>   list     List active items.
<clorica>   ping     Pong.
<clorica>   show     Show one item with notes by id.
<clorica>   tags     Show all tags.
<clorica>   toggle   Toggle active status of an item by id.
<clorica> ------------------------------------------------------
<jboy>    list
<clorica> ∅
<jboy>    add Remember the milk +groceries @store
<jboy>    list @store
<clorica> ☐ [1] Remember the milk @store +groceries
<jboy>    ann 1 Whole milk if possible
<jboy>    list
<clorica> ☐ [1] Remember the milk… @store +groceries
<jboy>    show 1
<clorica> [1] Remember the milk (2020-03-31 12:02:44)
<clorica> Whole milk if possible
<jboy>    done 1
<clorica> ∅