Course Information

Semester 1, Block 2


John Boy, PhD

Office hours by appointment only.

Dates & Locations

session date time location
   1 Oct 30 15:15–17:00 online
   2 Nov 6 15:15–17:00 online
   3 Nov 13 15:15–17:00 online
   4 Nov 20 15:15–17:00 online
   5 Nov 23 9:15–11:00 online
   6 Nov 27 15:15–17:00 online
   7 Dec 4 15:15–17:00 online
   8 Dec 11 15:15–17:00 online

All times CET unless otherwise noted. Session 5 (November 23) is a Monday, all other meetings on Fridays.


There are five weekly assignments of 400–600 words each. They will be graded, and taken together will account for 60 percent of your final grade. Weekly assignments cannot be redone. The final assignment will account for the remaining 40 percent. Should you fail the final assignment after an honest effort (assessed with a grade of 4.0 or higher), you can retake it. For the retake, you must prepare a completely new text that takes instructor feedback into account and submit it within three weeks after publication of grades.


The required book for this class is Alan Bryman, Social Research Methods (Oxford University Press, 2012).

Additionally, you have the choice between the two following ethnographies:

  • Mary L. Gray, Out in the Country (NYU Press, 2009).
  • Paul Willis, Learning to Labor (Columbia University Press, 1981).

Other readings will be available for download.

Academic Integrity

This class adheres to Leiden University’s regulations on academic integrity. According to the university, “Plagiarism is understood as presenting, intentionally or otherwise, someone else’s words, thoughts, analyses, argumentations, pictures, techniques, computer programmes, etc., as your own work.”

We will refer all suspected violations of these regulations to the examination committee. Be careful to properly cite all works you draw on in your assignments. The University Library offers tutorials and advice on what and how to cite.


This syllabus is a living document and may be adapted as the course progresses. You can keep track of changes in the timeline.